April 2011

CSR is the new multi-profile and multi-level reversible-key system, conceived by ISEO in order to suit any security and flexibility requirement. CSR cylinders are particularly recommended for Master Key systems and access control. CSR means also comfort: an unique key can open all the cylinders, from the entrance door to the gate, from the garage to the mail box, guaranteeing total freedom and security. Furthermore, CSR has been developed with the most advanced security devices: anti-bumping, anti-drill and anti-break. The key is in nickel silver and has a long neck (therefore it can also be used with escutcheons). It is protected against unauthorized duplication by patents and trademarks. The high security of the system is guaranteed by the registered profile without time limit (CSR mark is stylized on the tip of the key). The handy key head is characterized also by the particular drop-shape hole: not only security, but also design and style. In order to further protect the user, keys can be duplicated by ISEO for You Security Expert (or any authorized ISEO center) only upon presentation of the Property Card. The complete range of CSR is the result of German technology combined with Italian research, fruit of the know-how gained by ISEO group in the course of time.

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